10 minutes for $100M - Important Capitol Update

With only two weeks left, state lawmakers are in final negotiations on the bonding bill. This is a critical time to thank legislators and remind them to support Homes for All. 

Action Needed
Please call or email your both of your state legislators and say:
1. Thank you for supporting Homes for All
2. Please support $100M for housing in the bonding package including $20 million for public housing rehab & $80 million for housing infrastructure
3. Investments will be used across the state to build and rehab housing for very low-income Minnesotans
Find out who represents you by using this link. This link will provide you with the contact information for your MN House & Senate lawmakers.
A brief recap on the status of the bonding bill:
Monday, May 5th, the Senate finally released its bonding proposal and the bill includes $80 million for housing compared to the $100 million for housing in the House and $50 million for housing proposed by the Governor. With only two weeks left in the session, $100 million for housing is on the table and your action will help make it a reality.

The Details: The bonding bills differ in a number of ways. Here is a brief recap:

  • The House bill has $100 million for housing consistent with the Homes for All request. $80 million for housing infrastructure and $20 million in G.O. bonds for public housing. In contrast, the Senate bill consists of $80 million for housing with $70 million in housing infrastructure bonds and $10 million in government obligation (G.O.) bonds to rehabilitate public housing.
  • The Senate bill funds the $80 million within the omnibus bonding bill while the House funds the $20 million for public housing rehab in the bonding portion and funds the $80 million for housing infrastructure bonds in a separate portion to be paid with cash. The difference matters because bonding bills require a two-thirds majority, while cash bills require only a simple majority to pass. In both houses, some Republican votes will be required to reach a two-thirds majority to approve any bonding proposal.
  • The Senate proposal totals just short of $1.1 billion, with $846 million in bonds and $200 million in cash. The House proposal stands at $975 million, with $850 million in bonds and $125 million in cash. The total dollar amount of the bonding bill is expected to remain a sticking point for legislators as they approach final negotiations.

Minnesota NAHRO and our colleagues with Homes For All continue to support $100 million for housing. In particular, we will be working to shore up support for G.O. bonds for public housing rehab, which was cut from $20 million to $10 million in the Senate version of the bonding bill.  Look for an action alert once the conference committee is named so you can help secure $100 million in bonds for housing.