Federal Advocacy Toolkit & Resources for FY2014

Just In Time For August Recess!

NAHRO has put together a list of resources that will help you in your communications with Congress. In addition, you may download a workbook provided at the bottom of this page to help you prepare for your August visits.  Feel free to contact Tess or John at national NAHRO if you have questions or need more information.

  •     Chart: Public Housing Operating Fund, FY 2014
  •     Chart: Capital Fund History, 2014
  •     Chart: HAP/Admin Fee Pro-Rations and Voucher Lease-up Rates (2003-2014)
  •     Chart: PHAs Terminating or Transferring Voucher Programs
  •     In-Depth:  Housing Choice Vouchers
  •     Chart: FY 2014 Approps, NAHRO Funding Recommendations
  •     NAHRO’s 2013 Regulatory and Legislative Agenda Summary
  •     Public Housing Fact Sheet
  •     Section 8 Fact Sheet
  •     CDBG and HOME Fact Sheet
  •     SHARP Fact Sheet

Download attachments:

NAHRO_Federal_AdvocacyToolkit.doc (81 download)