Pivotal Time for Bonds for Housing

There is still time to call your lawmakers and the governor & we need your voice now more than ever! Take a few minutes today and contact your lawmakers and Gov Dayton. Urge them to adequately fund bonds for housing including MCPP. Lawmakers will be making many decisions into the weekend so your calls are needed in our final push. Send an email or call using the links below.
  1. Contact your Senator (click here to find who represents you)

  2. Contact your Representative (click here to find who represents you)

  3. Contact Governor Dayton (click here to fill out an email or (651) 201-3400)

Sample Calls or emails: 

My name is  [your name] and I live in [your city]. As a Homes for All supporter and Minnesota NAHRO member, I'm calling to urge your strong support of critical housing investments across Minnesota. Please work with leadership and the conference committee to: 

  1. Increase Housing Infrastructure Bonds to $50M,
  2. Increase GO Bonds for public housing rehab to $30M,
  3. Accept the $50M set-aside for permanent supportive housing for Minnesotans with behavioral health needs in the Senate bill
  4. Keep the 31% set aside to fund MCPP which funds single family homeownership especially in greater Minnesota

Where we live impacts everything. Please make housing a priority as you make your final decisions this session. Thank you!