Maintenance Technician


POSITION SUMMARY:  Incumbents are responsible for performing routine maintenance and janitorial duties in hi-rise buildings to ensure the safety of the building, its residents and equipment.



  • Performs routine cleaning duties in hi-rise building common areas such as community room, offices, restrooms and elevators to include: cleaning and dusting furniture; washing windows and walls; vacuuming hallways; minor touch up and repair and painting of walls; and, floor care such as stripping and waxing.
  • Prepares hi-rise units for rerental to include: clean appliances; wash windows; wash out cupboards and closets; strip and wax unit floors; completes minor electrical repairs such as replace switches; minor repair of plumbing such as leaking faucets; replace unit locks; repair screens; minor tile replace or repair; replace cabinet hardware and, minor repair on refrigerators and stoves.
  • Performs routine, emergency and after hours work order service requests in hi-rise buildings such as repair plumbing, electrical, and appliances such as leaking sinks and toilets; replace unit locks; clean out plugged drains, repair minor electrical problems such as replace switches, minor repair on refrigerators and stoves.  Responds to floods and do appropriated clean up.
  • Performs grounds maintenance duties around the hi-rise to include: removing leaves, branches, trash, and debris from sidewalks, walking paths and parking lots; trimming hedges and shrubs; edging and mowing; and, salting and snow removal.
  • Operates vehicles and equipment such as snowplows, riding mowers and saws and performs routine preventive maintenance such as changing oil and sharpening and replacing blades.
  • Responds to hi-rise building alarms in emergency situations to include: locating origin/building location of alarm; assessing the severity of emergency situation; securing tenants apartment; and, requesting additional emergency assistance.
  • Must be available to work evenings, nights and weekends including being available for 1) periodic scheduled on-call, 2) calls to respond to emergencies, and 3) snow removal.


Graduation from high school or GED and a combination of 1 year of relevant experience such as building and grounds maintenance, or general building maintenance including minor electrical, plumbing, or other general building repair; and/or relevant education.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:  Additional years of relevant experience in jobs at the A Band or higher level and/or relevant education.  Demonstrated experience working with ethnically, culturally and economically diverse populations.

For an application and a complete Class Specification please go to or call Human Resources at 651-298-5664, fax 651-228-3139. 


Friday, August 18, 2017
For an application and a complete Class Specification please go to or call Human Resources at 651-298-5664, fax 651-228-3139.