RFP: Project Leader -- Scott County CDA

Introduction: Scott County CDA seeks requests for proposals from interested and qualified entities to act as the Homeless Starts with Home Project Leader. The goal of this project will be to design a Student-Focused Housing Stabilization Program within the Shakopee School District and integrate it within the broader Scott County Homeless Response system. This is an 11- month contract beginning 9/1/20 and ending 7/31/21 or until the goals of the position have been accomplished. 

MN Housing’s Homework Starts with Home Program Description: Homework Starts with Home is a grant program focused on addressing homelessness and housing instability among students and their families. A study conducted by public and charter schools across Minnesota identified 8,079 students who were experiencing homelessness on October 1, 2018. The students attended 1,387 schools and educational programs statewide, spanning 308 school districts and 78 counties. 

Homelessness disproportionally impacts certain populations, such as African American students, American Indian students, students with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning/queer (LGBTQ) young people. After more than a decade of continuous growth, the trajectory of student homelessness in Minnesota may be changing. School-based studies for students experiencing homelessness have seen lower numbers two years in a row, which also follow a period of significant decrease in families experiencing homelessness identified through Minnesota’s annual Point-in-Time count. The goal of Homework Starts with Home is to maintain and accelerate this trajectory, and to promote more effective responses to the needs of students. 

Homework Starts with Home uses funding from two sources: the Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) and the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) rental assistance program to prevent homelessness whenever possible and if homelessness does occur, to help make sure that it is rare, brief, and non-recurring. (http://www.mnhousing.gov/wcs/Satellite?cid=1523311322189&pagename=Extern... ge%2FEXTStandardLayout

Scott County Homework Starts with Home Project Leader Position Background: In response to research and the current numbers of families and students experiencing homelessness in Scott County, representatives from the Scott County CDA, Scott County Health and Human Services, Community Action Partnership of Carver, Scott, and Dakota Counties, and the Shakopee Public School District met in early January of 2020. 


In the meeting, it was determined that the current supports to assist students and families who are experiencing homelessness were working in isolation from one another and better coordination was needed to fully identify the problem and meet the growing needs of students and families who are homeless in the school districts. There was also consensus that a coordinated, collaborative response to student homelessness needed to be developed prior to requesting funds from MN Housing for a Homeless Starts with Home Program. 

A decision, therefore, was made to apply for the MN Housing Homework Starts with Home Planning Grant with the end goal of designing a Student-Focused Stabilization Program in the Shakopee School District first because it has the highest population of homeless students among all Scott County School Districts (According to the MN Department of Education Data, 51 students reported as experiencing homeless as of October of 2019). Once piloted, the program would then be implemented within the other 5 Scott County School Districts. 

Scott County CDA, acting as the lead applicant, was awarded $40,000 for the Homework Starts with Home Planning grant, with $36,400 being designated towards the hire of a consultant and the remaining $3,600 for workshops, trainings, IT, supplies, and marketing materials. 

Interested and qualified entities are invited to submit a proposal to do the following activities: 

• Leverage existing collaborative groups, such as Scott Family Net, to convene key partners (Scott County CDA, Scott County Health and Human Services, Community Action Partnership of Carver, Scott, and Carver Counties, Shakopee Public Schools) and those with lived experiences to assist in the design of the program. 

• Build new partnerships that expand housing opportunities, that reach families with children at younger ages and families with higher risk factors for becoming homeless. 

• Coordinate student homelessness access points and develop common data points across the school districts and homeless response systems for Scott County in order to identify and track students who are homeless. 

• Create a system of communication between the school districts and homeless response systems. 

• Develop a coordinated system to evaluate student achievement and housing stabilization across the schools districts and homeless response systems. 

• Institute a holistic, two generational approach to assessment and intervention that will address the needs of the whole family across schools and homeless response systems and ensures that all students and families are quickly connected to and able to access all housing stabilization services at all levels of housing instability (light touch prevention, prevention, shelter, re-housing, short term housing, long term housing). 

• Administration of the MN Housing Homework Starts with Home Planning Grant Contract and Budget including assistance with the completion of expenditure and narrative reports. 

Contents of Request for Proposal: Executive Summary: How will you approach this contract? List any projected metrics of success. 

Overview and Qualifications: Describe in detail the work that the entity has conducted in the past including experience working in multi-disciplinary and collaborative settings and structures; expertise related to children’s mental health, homelessness/housing programs, or human and social service programs; and management and human service leadership experience. Include the size of the sole lead agency and any key partners, types of service that are provided, geographic location, community partnerships or collaborations, and strengths of the staff or previous achievements that contribute to the reputation and specialty of the agency in the community. In describing your strengths and previous achievements, give evidence of your ability to meet the key skills for this position including: Group facilitation, convening, consensus building, stakeholder engagement, project management (program planning, design, and evaluation), process management, compliance, and budgeting. 

Project Description & Management: Describe how you would approach the project activities, specific deliverables, timeline and target audience. Your project description should clearly describe who will do what, when and serve as the action plan for your project if funded. Additionally, describe how COVID may impact your approach, especially as it relates to how to effectively engage and recruit collaborative partners. 

Conclusion: Why should Scott County CDA fund your proposal to provide services? 

Contractor Fact Sheet: Name, email and telephone number of the key contact person (manager or supervisor) must be clearly indicated. 

Key Staff: Please attach a list of key staff, role on the project, qualifications, and the number and the number of hours each person is scheduled to work on the project. 

Budget: A detailed budget must be submitted including allocations of funds adequate to support each of the functions described. 

Timeline for Submission of Proposal 

Monday, July 27, 2020 Release of RFP 

Friday, August 21, 2020 Proposals due by 4:00 p.m. CST 

Week of August 24, 2020 Review, ranking and selection 

Week of August 31, 2020 Offer of contract and anticipated start 

of services 

Contracts Contracts will be awarded to successful candidate(s) for a term of 9/1/20-7/31/21. The length of the contract term may vary based on the outcome of services provided, however, cannot extend past 7/31/21. 

Payment Scott County CDA has allocated $36,400 for this RFP for the time period of September 1, 2020-July 31, 2021. 

Questions: Contact Molly Link, at mlink@scottcda.org or at 952-402-9022 

Submit Proposals in PDF format to: Molly Link, Assistant Housing Director with Scott County CDA at mlink@scottcda.org

Request for Proposals closes on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 4:00pm. 



Friday, August 21, 2020